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Premium Bandai Gunpla is finally coming to the USA

Last year Bluefin brands, the United States distributor of Bandai products, began carrying Premium Bandai model kits on their website in the United States.  Premium Bandai is Bandai’s name for direct to consumer products. Last year’s selection was quite limited with only a few kits offered. There is a Premium Bandai store for many countries but not all carry Bandai’s hobby kits, the United States among them.  This means getting kits not offered In your country usually means paying high prices for shipping from Japan or flat out price gouging from resellers who charged exponentially more than the original price of the kit.  

On March 1st 2020 Bluefin brands announced that the Premium Bandai site for the United States will be carrying Premium Bandai hobby kits.  They announced the first eighteen kits that will be available for pre-order on their blog.  

This is great news for consumers as the cost to get these kits has dropped significantly.  Pre-orders are scheduled to start on April 2nd 2020. 

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“Battle to the End” by @toxic_builderpr

Description: The inspiration for this diorama was the battle from Build Fighters episode 19 when both suits are fighting hand to hand, each with one hand broken off because of the Plavsky particles. This is my take on that battle in the theme of the Old Japan Stage.
Techniques: Custom Paint, Light Weathering,Battle Damage, Sculpting, Papercraft
Materials and Kits used: Casting Plaster, Plastic Scale Trees, Wood plates, Paper, HG Sengoku Astray 1/144, HG Star Build Strike 1/144
Social Media: Instagram

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“Iron Blooded Victory” by @michael_texidor

Description: A re-imagining of the Barbatos being more worn and battle damaged when found and used by Tekkadan and Mikazuki Augus. The diaroma depicts Mikazuki holding his hand up in victory after a hard fought battle.
Techniques: Spray and hand painting, reverse Wash, weathering, minor customization to the weapon and model, custom decals.
Materials and Kits used: HGIBO Gundam Barbatos and custom foam diorama
Social Media: Instagram