Mystery Box FAQ

Why is there a cutoff date for the primary item?
We all know not all kits are created equal.  And some older kits are just dated. We want to make sure that people do not get kits that just are not good by today’s standards.  That is not to say that there are not some kits that are still good today from before 2008. Such kits may show up as additional items.  

How many additional items will come in each box?
The amount will change every month.  Availability of items will play a big part in it.  However we aim to offer additional kits in the box as much as possible. The retail value of the box will always meet what is in the description of the box.

Does everyone getting the same box get the same items each month?
It is our intent to standardize the boxes each month.  If for some reason beyond our control it is not possible we will substitute items with something as close as possible.

Are you just trying to get rid of your junk inventory?
Nope!  Since orders for the boxes go up two months in advance we have time to decide on our plan order and for the boxes.  We place orders specifically for the items in the boxes. This gives us a safety net in case we have a plan and suddenly we can’t get something.

Tell me what the bonus items are.
That will change each month.  And it will be good. Check the page the 1st of every month for the announcement of the next month’s bonus item.  

If you sell out of a box for a month will you add more for that month?
Right now we are gauging the demand for these boxes.  If the demand is high enough we may do it. If we do add more they will be in groups of 100 and copy of the bonus item will be available.  That way the odds of getting the bonus item stay 1 in 100.

How are winners of the bonus item notified?  Are non winners notified of who won?
The winners of the bonus item will be notified when they open their box!  Due to privacy concerns we will not announce who won the bonus item. However if the winners are interested in posting their box or that they won on social media, they are welcome to tag us so we can see!

When do new boxes become available?
We update the boxes page on the 1st of each month.  Here is what happens:
The previous month’s boxes are no longer available.
The next month’s boxes become available.
We announce the bonus items for the current month.
We start working on sending out the last month’s boxes.