Batmobile (Batman The Movie)


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The 1989 BATMAN™ movie, a more gothic version of the character
envisioned by Tim Burton returned BATMAN™ to his darker, noir origins.
The impressive Anton Furst designed BATMOBILE set the tone with it’s
distinctive bat-shaped tailfins, elongated silhouette and powerful jet
turbine engine made it instantly recognizable. This AMT model kit
captures every detail of BATMAN’s™ iconic vehicle from the turbine
engine to computer maintenance panels and authentic dashboard and
cockpit. It features optional grappling hook and twin machine guns.
It is injected in black plastic with chrome and clear parts with rubber
tires and a full color Axis Chemical backdrop display.
• 1/25 scale, skill 2 kit, glue required
• Iconic BATMAN™ (movie-inspired) vehicle
• Pull out turbine engine, computer access panels, machine guns & grappling hook
• Full color backdrop display

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