Bees Knees Metallic Paint 20ml


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The first in our line of 70’s inspired colors! A new warm metallic yellow that show up as a lovely smoky gold over a black base primer and a deep warm yellow over white that is truly… the Bee’s Knees (If we do say so ourselves). Example images are shown over a white base. Turbo Dork paints are made of a mixture of pigments suspended in an acrylic medium plus additives that make them fast-drying, water-soluble when wet, and water-resistant when dry. The Metallics contain pigments and small mica flakes that create a sparkling effect on the paint surface making it look like metal. Formulated for airbrush use, but may also be hand brushed.

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Weight 26 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 70 mm
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