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From GSI Creos comes a new brand: “Classy’n Dressy.” This line has water-based paints (18 ml) of pastel colors: ginsenka, mimosa, cherry, tulip, lavender, blue star, and clover. This line was created under the supervision of famous miniature painter Satoshi Tanaka, who creates miniature food. This line is an Aqueous color line and is fully compatible with other Mr. Hobby Aqueous paints. Works on a variety of materials including clay, wood, styrene resin, plastic board, and rubber.
How to use:
It is not necessary to dilute when painting with a brush, but when using an airbrush, add about 100 to 150% water-based hobby color thinning solution. The number of paint coats needed to get a beautiful finish is 1 to 2 times with a brush, and 2 to 3 times with an airbrush. If the under coat color is dark and the color you are using is transparent additional coats may be needed. It can also be washed with water before it dries.

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Weight 62 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 mm
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