Fist of War WWII German E100 Super Heavy Tank w/380mm Stug Gun


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A Krupp turret and a 380mm mortar are mounted on a Sechsfubler type (6 legs) body. Named “Regensturm” (Rainstorm), this tank houses a giant mortar and its ammunition, which were originally only available to fixed units. This large mobile unit made it possible to shoot with direct aim instead of artillery fire. It has the ability to transport 15 troops and its offensive power made it a powerful infantry support weapon on the front line.

1/72 scale plastic model.
Equipped with 380mm Krupp mortar on an E-100 Sechsfubler 6 legged type body.Each of the six legs is movable and articulated.
Equipped with a movable infantry boarding ladder in addition to the Kugelblitz turret and small machine gun turret on the underside of the vehicle body. equipped with troop transport capability.
Includes one 380mm rocket shell.
Modelling tools such as nippers, adhesives, files, paint, etc. are required for assembly.
This product is an unassembled and unpainted assembly model. The photo is an assembly sample.
There may be parts that differ from the actual product.

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Weight 560 g
Dimensions 330 × 230 × 70 mm