Fist of War WWII German E75 Ausf Vierfubler Gerat 58 Tank


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The Vierfubler E-75 4 legged platform, with the Geraet 58 mounted on a closed turret, was originally developed for anti-aircraft combat. It was also used for ground combat in urban warfare at the end of World War II (1947).
The 5.5 cm anti-aircraft gun on the turret and the 3.0 cm cannon on the bottom of the body have a large elevation and depression angle and can shoot in almost all directions, and are said to be very effective especially in anti-infantry combat in urban areas with complicated terrain.

1/72 scale assembly type plastic model.
The turret equipped with Geraet 58 turns 360 degrees, and the maximum elevation angle is about 85 degrees.
Optional infrared light parts.
The Kugelblitz turret on the bottom of the car body turns 360 degrees, and the maximum depression angle is about 85 degrees.
Movable legs, knees and ankle joints.
Water slide decals.
Modelling tools such as nippers, files, and adhesives sold separately are required for assembly.
Some model making experience recommended for this kit.
This product is an unassembled and unpainted assembly model. The photo is an assembly sample.
There may be parts that differ from the actual product.

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