Fist of War WWII German E75 Ausf Vierfubler Rheintochter 1 Tank


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The Rheintochter missile, which was successful as a surface-to-air missile and was mass-produced, had achieved great results against Allied bombers by visual radio guidance and proximity fuze at altitudes of 10,000 meters and above.Because of this the fixed launch pad became one of the enemy’s priority destruction targets so many of them were lost. Thus the concept for the Vierfubler type Rheintochter R1 mobile launch pad was born.
1/72 scale assembly type plastic model.
Rheintochter R1 missile launch pad turns 360 degrees and can move up and down.
The Kugelblitz turret on the bottom of the car body turns 360 degrees, and the maximum depression angle is about 85 degrees.
Movable legs, knees and ankle joints.
Water slide decals.
Modelling tools such as nippers, files, and adhesives sold separately are required for assembly.
Some model making experience recommended for this kit.
This product is an unassembled and unpainted assembly model. The photo is an assembly sample. There may be parts that differ from the actual product.

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