GN-002 Gundam Dynames


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The long awaited Gundam Dynames from Gundam 00 is finally available as a Master Grade. The model has an all new 00 inner frame. It can easily recreate its iconic sniper poses, such as lying on the ground. The neck joint hasĀ  articulation so the head can line up with the sniper rifle in almost any position. Gimmicks unique to MG include opening and closing hatches for the missiles and flare guns on the waist and knees, as well as deployable GN thrusters. Accessories include the GN Sniper Rifle x 1, GN beam pistol & holster x 2, GN beam saber x 2, GN shield x 2, and GN full shield x 2. Contents are runner x 17, Marking sticker sheet x 1, Foil sticker x 1, Polypropylene sheet x 1, and Manual x 1.

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Weight 788 g
Dimensions 385 × 305 × 80 mm