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The Gundam Marker Black Panel Liner pen is perfect for use on dark colored Gunpla parts. Panel lining is the first step of Gunpla customization beginners can try. It is a process of applying ink to each piece’s grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your Gunpla kit. These panel liners are Mr. Hobby’s most popular. They are easy to use and make Gunpla look more realistic and three dimensional. Panel lining is most effective when you choose the color of ink that matches the model’s parts. In general you can use black for dark parts, gray for lighter parts, and brown for red parts. Just apply directly to unpainted plastic surfaces by using the ultra thin pen tip to draw inside the groves. If applied over a coat of Mr Hobby paints (Mr. Color, Aqueous Color, Gundam Color or Gundam Paint Markers) the ink from this marker may melt the dry paint film. Melted paint film may clog the marker tip, making it difficult for the ink to come out. The panel lines take about a day or two to completely dry. They may take longer to dry if the humidity is high. This product is only meant to be used on plastic models. Applying this marker on ABS plastic is not recommended as the ink may damage the surface. Put the lid back on the marker after use. Made in Vietnam. After panel lining spray a coat of Mr. Hobby Topcoat or Premium Topcoat to seal the ink in.

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