Gundam Marker Pouring Inking Pen Set


Set contains GM302 Gray, GM303 Brown, GM311 Blue 1, GM312 Orange 1, GM313 Olive, and GM300 Erasure Marker.

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The Gundam Marker Pour Type is a panel liner designed for unpainted kits. This set of Pour Types includes 5 different colors for panel lining and one Erasure marker. The colors are GM302 Gray, GM303 Brown, GM311 Blue 1, GM312 Orange 1, GM313 Olive, and a GM300 Erasure Marker. Panel lining is the first step of Gunpla customization beginners can try. It is a process of applying ink to each piece’s grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your Gunpla kit. Panel lining is most effective when you choose the color of ink that matches the model’s parts. In general you can use black for dark parts, gray for lighter parts, and brown for red parts. You can use the other colors in this set based on the color of the part you are adding the ink too. The ink in this pen flows easily into panel lines by just pressing the pen tip to the groove. Erase the excess ink with a rubber eraser or the included GM300 Erasure Marker. To start the ink flowing press the tip of the marker against a surface like a paper towel or a palette. Do not use this type of marker on paint or plated parts because it will dissolve them. If you top coat over this it may cause the color to bleed. Put the cap back on after use. Made in Japan.

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Weight 82 g
Dimensions 145 × 95 × 20 mm