Gundam 00 Command Qan[T]


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From the anime “Gundam Breaker Battlogue” comes the Gundam 00 Command Qan[T]. This line of kits is designed to be customized. This mobile suit was created by adding elements and the color scheme from Command Gundam to 00 Qan[T], giving it a militaristic look. It is equipped with a large number of ranged weapons such as missile launchers, heavy machine guns, and arms shields. Slashing weapons such as the command sword and the combat knives, which are stored in the Arms Shield, are also included. Accessories: Command sword x 1, Arms Shield x 1, Combat knife x 2, Heavy machine gun x 1, Missile launcher x 1, Foil sticker x 1, Hand parts set x 1.

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Weight 334 g
Dimensions 310 × 190 × 75 mm