Jigen Build Knuckles (Round)


36 total hands.

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This hand parts set will give your Gunpla kits a wide variety of options. These hands are Zeon style. They have rounded hand armor and fingers. With small, medium, and large versions of each mold included the hands are compatible with mobile suits of various sizes. These pre-posed hands come in 3 styles for both left and right: open hands, fists, and weapon holding hands. The fists are perfect for fighting poses and when you don’t have a weapon. The weapon holding hands fit 4mm x 2mm weapon grips, and 3mm diameter melee weapon grips. All hands feature a wrist joint and the hand armor is a separate part for easy painting. The S size is perfect for late UC mobile suits such as those in “Mobile Suit V Gundam. The M size for standard size mobile suits (around 18 meters), and the L size for large suits such as those seen in such as “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack.” That is 3 styles, 3 sizes, and left and right for a total of 18 variations. The set has two of each variation for a total of 36 hands. Box contents: runner x 2 and assembly manual.

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