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The AMAIM MAILeS JOGAN from Kyokai Senki piloted by Tetsuzuka Gasin comes straight out of the anime in 1/72 scale.This AI equipped mecha was designed by the Ken Okuyama Design Company. The kit features many gimmicks. By replacing parts in the back skirt armor you can reproduce the stabilized shooting mode. The heels have a deployable part for the stabilized mode. The stock of the sniper rifle slides to reproduce the shooting pose from the anime. The combat dagger can be stored behind the left shoulder shield. Contents include: 120mm double sniper rifle x 1, battle dagger x 1, left shoulder shield x 1, flat hands (left and right), weapon holding hands (left and right), trigger hand (right), rear deployed stabilizer parts x 1, seal sheet x 1.

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Dimensions 298 × 188 × 75 mm