MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka


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A brand new version of the ionic final mobile suit of Char Aznable as envisioned by esteemed mechanical designer Hajime Katoki. Originally designed for the cg short in the G-Dome at Gundam Front Tokyo, it has been further refined to pair with its rival the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. New features include sliding panels to reveal the interior mechanical detail, pop open thruster hatches in the legs, a second beam rifle, as well as redesigned beam tomahawk incorporating elements from the Sinanju. It accommodates an LED unit (green) in the head (sold separately). The kit features the Zeon “Emotion Manipulator SP.” All the knuckles are articulated for maximum posing. All the iconic armaments including 6 funnels, Beam shotgun, beam long rifle, beam tomahawk, beam sabers and shield are included. Package includes runner x 31, Katoki waterslides x 1, foil seal x 1, assembly manual x 1.

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Weight 1655 g
Dimensions 390 × 590 × 115 mm