MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam


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From the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Eclipse series comes the protagonist suit Eclipse Gundam. This is a transforming mobile suit, which can go from mobile suit mode to mobile armor mode and back. This suit can also equip various packs from other Gundam Seed mobile suits, such as the striker, silhouette, wizard packs of existing products (sold separately) by using the included joint parts. The beam saber effect parts attach to the rifle to transform it into it’s saber mode. Clear effect parts can be attached to the left and right arm shields to create the beam shield. Accessories for this kit are: Beam rifle x 2, Beam shield x 2, Effect parts for beam saber x 2, Effect parts for beam shield x 2, Hand parts (left and right) x 5 types, Joint set for striker pack equipment x 1, Joint set for silhouette equipment x 1, Joint set for wizard equipment x 1, Foil sticker sheet x 1, Marking sticker sheet x 1, and Action base x 1.

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