Reginleif (Shin Use)


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From the anime “86” a new mecha, Reginleif (Blade Type), piloted by the main characters is now available in HG! This is an upgrade to their previous machine, the Juggernaut. Multiple movable joints at the base of the torso, joints of the legs, and armor of the legs, allow for various action poses. The pile driver at the tip of the leg can be pulled out. Wire anchors use lead wires for deployment. Two types of wire anchor tip parts are included. The canopy is equipped with an opening gimmick. Includes a detailed cockpit and a pilot figure. Equipped with a new version of the smoothbore gun. High frequency blades are attached to the sub arms. Accessories include: Smoothbore Gun x 1, High frequency blade x 2, Lead wire x 2, Pilot Figure x 1, Marking sticker sheet x 1, Foil sticker sheet  x 1, Action base x 1.

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Weight 470 g
Dimensions 310 × 200 × 100 mm