RX-93 Nu Gundam with Fin Funnel Effect Set


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From Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack comes a limited version of the Nu Gundam. This deluxe set features the RG Nu Gundam, a clear Action Base 4, and Jet Effect parts bundled into one package! This set allows display and deployment of all 6 of Nu Gundam’s funnels and can also be used with the RG Sazabi! Includes 2 more stand arms when compared to buying each component separately! Accessories include: Beam rifle x 1, Fin funnel x 6, New Hyper Bazooka x 1, Shield x 1, Beam saber (backpack part / arm part) x 1 each, Missile x 1 set, Fin funnel effect set x 1, and Realistic decal sheet x 1.

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Weight 995 g
Dimensions 390 × 310 × 90 mm