U.S.S. Defiant 1:1000 Scale Model


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As the capital ship introduced into Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205 was a prototype vessel designed specifically to combat the Borg after the disastrous encounter at the Battle of Wolf 359. The compact warship was assigned to the Federation space station, Deep Space 9, as a countermeasure to imminent Dominion incursions. Polar Lights presents this all-new snap-assembly of the fan-favorite spacecraft. The ship is engineered for simple assembly, and has been researched for the utmost authenticity.Molded in Light Gray.
Skill 2, Snap Assembly.
Water-slide decals include pennants & registries, multi-colored panels and black or white window options.
Dome base with metal support rod and optional hole cap.
Clear parts make the model perfect for lighting (Lights not included).
All new Star Trek style guide packaging.
6 3⁄4” long / 30 pieces

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