U.S.S. Voyager Clear Edition 1:1000


All new kit for 2021. Molded in clear and translucent parts for lighting.

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The name says it all: The namesake ship from the STAR TREK: Voyager television show is offered for the first time in the popular 1:1000 scale. This version is made for lighting.
Authentic to the show this snap assembly kit delivers tons of authentic detailing copied from the studio filming miniature. Even the articulated movement of the warp nacelles is incorporated. The kit includes clear parts for the Bussard collectors, deflector dish, and some windows. Over 100 decals are included to provide every marking. Display the model on the included dome base with a metal support rod or with the optional landing gear.
Features: 1:1000 scale, skill level 2, 58 Parts, Snap fit Kit. Molded-in translucent white and clear parts, Built size: 13 1/2”, Ages 10+.

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Dimensions 305 × 255 × 65 mm

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