ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Ver. 2.0


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This Master Grade is an updated version of the Freedom Gundam from “Mobile Suit Gundam Seed” that features stylized details and proportions influenced from the MG RM Aile Strike Gundam. All weapons have been carefully recreated including the beam rifle, beam sabers that can combine into one double beam saber, rail cannons, and plasma cannons. Sliding armor panels in thighs and forearms and opening hatches in wings allow new possible dynamic display options. It can be posed in Full Burst mode. A display stand and multiple hands are included. Runner x 18, Display base x 1, Foil sticker x 1, Dry transfer sheet x 1, Sticker sheet x 1.

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Weight 902 g
Dimensions 390 × 310 × 95 mm