Shipping Rates and Policy

Shipping Rates
We offer 2 domestic shipping rates based on the items in the order; $10 (Medium) and $16 (Oversized). The best rate your order qualifies for is shown at checkout.

International orders are calculated manually, Please use the contact form to place your order.

Medium Shipping Box
This is a flexibly priced shipping box that ranges from $10 to $16. The price is based on the volume of the products.  Most packages will be $10 while shipments containing oversized items like large master grades and perfect grades will be $16.
Note that weights and packaging dimensions for all in stock products are listed on the product page.

All Merch is made on demand and comes to you directly from the manufacturer. This means that Merch ships is separate from everything in the Hobby Shop.  These start at $4 shipping plus a smaller additional shipping fee per additional Merch items in the order.

Merchandise Authenticity Policy
Merchandise we sell is authentic product. We do not sell bootleg, often referred to as “Third Party” merchandise. We do sell aftermarket products which are more accurately called Third Party merchandise. If you have any reason to doubt the authenticity of the product(s) you purchased please reach out to us via our contact form.

Merchandise Condition Policy
Merchandise we sell is new product unless indicated otherwise. Unfortunately products are sometimes damaged in transit to our store and to our customers. If you receive a product damaged in transit to you please contact us. Signs that something was damaged in transit to you include a damaged or repackaged shipping box (something like the carrier repackaged it or placed our shipping box in another box or bag).
If a product arrives damaged to us we generally do the following based on the level of damage:
Minor Damage: Minor dents in box but the box and product is still intact. Paint spills from other bottles onto your bottle, possibly fading the paint label.
We will sell this as normal. If you order is a gift please leave a note for us on the checkout page and we will do our best to insure we send you products that are not damaged at all, though we cannot guarantee it. Faded paint labels must still show which paint it is.

Moderate Damage: Major dents on a box but the product is still intact. Products that have minimal packaging and that packaging is missing.
Products in this condition will be sold at a discount. However most products either fall in the other two damage categories. Products in this condition are very rare. You will know beforehand that you are buying a product with this level of damage.

Major Damage: The box is breached, the product itself is damaged or missing parts, paint spills have made the label unreadable, or paint has spilled out of the bottle.
Products in this condition are usually sent back to the manufacturer instead of being sold.